Morning in Newport


If you know me, you know, I LOVE Newport Beach. I’m not quite sure why. Something about the endless shopping, cute brunch spots and beautiful beaches have drawn me to the city. This is what my ideal morning in Newport looks like!

My favorite way to start my Newport adventure is brunch at Malibu Farm Lido. This adorable restaurant has a great menu full of organic and healthy options!


After brunch, I love walking through Lido Village, a small shopping town great for pictures and just a fun place to explore. Lido is full of super-cute stores and food spots that are definitely instagramable. There was a little flower stand and I couldn’t resist picking up some pretty flowers- they were great for taking some pics!


That concludes my morning in Newport - a simple morning, full of yummy food, shopping, and some cute insta pics.

All pictures were taken by @happycampo !


Carly Giotto



carly giotto